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FUTURE CHEFS - ages 16 & up - 2 hrs - $45 each
For Future Chefs, independence and success is the goal. Confidence in their culinary style and preferences will continue to grow.  They'll experiment with flavor combinations in cooking while learning the importance of accuracy and science in baking.  


Although The Secret Oven is no longer offering Girl Scout Classes, you can contact Katie Vitalbo if you are interested in hosting a Girl Scout class.

Katie is not affiliated with The Secret Oven but she is a trusted colleague with a teaching and culinary background.

call: 414-234-8976 email:

JUNIOR CHEFS - ages 12-15 - 2 hrs - $45 each

​The Junior Chefs begin to dive into more complex kitchen skills & recipes. We work on more refined knife skills and spend more time working with the oven & stovetop.  They will continue to improve their skills and begin to discover their own culinary style.

Please review our rules and policies on the 'CLASS SCHEDULE' page.

Classes always focus on proper hygiene & safety in the kitchen as well as nutrition, all while creating a variety of recipes! 

It's so much fun!! Join us at a class!!!

Cooking Classes

YOUNG CHEFS - ages 8-11 - 2 hrs - $45 each

The Young Chefs begin to work a little more independently using their math and reading skills to follow recipes.  They will also learn about basic food science.  They'll work together safely to build their communication skills and create delicious foods.